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If you are currently renting or looking to rent, Oceana's Home Partnership provides services that may be helpful to your situation. Whether you are experiencing homelessness, behind on your rent, or simply seeking information on rental opportunities, we can answer your questions regarding the renting process and options, provide guidance in your housing search, and work with you as you make your transition. 

Please apply with us in order to find out the services for which you qualify.


Homeless services include emergency shelter services, limited rental assistance, and ongoing supportive services to assist you in finding a safe and decent place to call home.  We can assist with completing housing applications, answering questions regarding tenant rights and landlord/tenant issues, as well as support you in completing additional goals geared towards your housing needs. 

Homeless Prevention services are available to households who are behind on rent, facing eviction, or are doubled up with a friend or family member. Eviction prevention assistance may be provided to clients who have a court-ordered eviction. If you are facing an eviction or think you may be facing eviction, please review the eviction timeline provided by Michigan State University so that you understand how the eviction process works.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you understand your options. 

If you have not received a court-ordered eviction but are behind on your rent, then a positive solution may be to talk to your landlord about a re-payment agreement that would outline a plan for becoming current on your rental payments. Re-payment agreements act as an extension of the lease and must be in writing in order to be an effective tool in catching up your rent. See our sample re-payment agreement and our blank re-payment agreement for information to include in your agreement.  If you have questions regarding re-payment agreements please contact our office. For additional assistance, our counselors will sit down with you to create a re-payment agreement that works with your budget.

What do I bring to my appointment?   
  • Verification of legal identity for all household members (Example: Driver's License, Birth Certificate, State Identification Card, etc.)   
  • Income verification (Example: Copies of pay-stubs for the last 60 days, Social Security Benefits Award Letter, verification of child support, etc.)
  • Social Security Cards for all household members  
  • Proof of current county residency

If you are missing the above documentation, see our additional examples.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, formerly known as Section 8, is a program that provides ongoing rental payment assistance to qualifying low-income families. There are currently two waiting lists for the housing choice voucher program, one for general applicants with low-income and another that is reserved for people experiencing homelessness. In order to apply to the general waiting list you must apply when the waiting list for your county is accepting applications. To find out what county waiting lists are currently open and accepting general applications in Michigan, please visit the MSHDA HCV website. In order to find out if you are eligible to be placed on the Homeless Preference waiting list please apply with us to access this opportunity.

 Landlord repair process As a renter, there may come a time when your landlord is unresponsive to requests for repairs to your rental unit. Requests for repairs should be made in writing in order to provide your landlord with proper notice of what you are requesting. We recommend that you request repairs via a specific process.  Please review our example letter when requesting repairs and our recommended process before withholding rent from your landlord. 

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